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How does a
solar energy system work?

como funciona una instalacion solar en mexico

1. Solar Panels They receive and transform solar radiation into electrical energy.

2. Photovoltaic inverter It transforms the energy from direct energy (DC) to alternating energy (AC) so that you can use it in your home.
3. Electrical Panel The generated energy passes to the load center and is distributed to the electrical equipment.
4. Bidirectional Meter It measures the energy that we consume from CFE and that we deliver to CFE when our panels generate but our home is not consuming it.

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2 years of installation
25 years of power
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We include our free maintenance service for 2 years..

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  • We give you the peace of mind of being sure that your system is working 100%.
  • We protect your investment by making all your guarantees valid.

Get control of your electricity expenses

CFE prices are unpredictable and never stop rising. Thanks to our solutions, being independent from the CFE and consuming clean energy is easier.
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  • Costs keep increasing.
  • The increase is large and unpredictable.
  • Highly polluting energy.
  • You are totally dependent on CFE.


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