Solar panels for schools in Mexico

Your school can run on
100% green energy

At Solar180 we collaborate with the European company Solar For Schools to help schools in Mexico become 100% green entities, generating their own energy through the installation of solar systems that support the energy costs of the centers.

In this way, schools are able to reduce the carbon footprint they produce, improving the environment at the local level, also reducing their electricity bill.

paneles solares para escuelas en mexico

Benefits of installing
solar panels in your school

paneles solares para escuelas en mexico

1. Decarbonization of the educational center.

Thanks to the installation of a solar system in your school, we managed to greatly reduce the carbon footprint generated by the center, thus achieving an improvement in the local environment of the educational center, promoting an example to follow in the families that are part of it.

2. More financing options.

There is a wide variety of financing for your school, having several options: financed by the school being the owner; financed by non-profit entities; a combination of these two options.

3. Students involved in the process.

We engage students in the process of going solar by providing educational materials on school decarbonization and raising awareness about taking action to preserve the planet.

4. Member of the international community of schools.

Your school will become part of the international community of solar powered schools through funding from Solar For Schools.


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