Solar panels at home

More and more families are betting on the use of solar panels for their homes in Mexico

Are you thinking of installing solar panels at home? If you have a DAC rate, a solar system is the best way to save on your electricity bill. We tell you why.

The decision to install solar panels at home is for the bravest. For those who decide to bet on caring for the environment, for those who care about caring for the planet and for those who have the courage to take action today. Which side are you on?

  1. Por qué instalar paneles solares en casa.
  2. Para qué sirven los paneles solares en casa.
  3. Beneficios y ventajas de instalar paneles solares en casa
  4. Proyectos realizados de instalaciones solares en residencias.
  5. Más información sobre energía solar para viviendas:

Why installing solar panels at home

There are 3 main reasons to supply your home with solar energy.

    1. Savings in the family economy.

      Once the solar system is put into operation and interconnected with the electricity grid, you get almost 100% savings on your electricity bill. This represents a considerable change in the family economy, since you go from paying $MXN 2,500 for bimonthly consumption to generating receipts of $MXN 50.

    2. You reduce the environmental impact in Mexico.

      The environmental problems in the country generate a lot of concern to the population. The new generations are concerned about the future of the planet and we must all mobilize towards the reconstruction of a cleaner world. Solar energy is the cleanest energy on the planet and feeding your house with it will only bring benefits to the environment. You can change the world from home.

    3. Reaffirm your personal values.

      Not only will you be fulfilling a commitment to the environment, but you will also be helping remote communities in Mexico thanks to Solar180’s social project: our commitment of supplying schools with solar energy.

instalacion de paneles solares para casas en mexico

What are solar panels for at home?

The solar system that you install at home serves to supply energy to your entire home.

The energy generated by your solar panels is capable of compensating more than 100% of the energy expenditure of your home. The energy surpluses generated by the solar system are sent to the CFE network, which makes it possible to compensate for the energy consumed during hours of little sunlight or at night.

The result of this energy generation: a 100% saving on your electricity bill from the moment your solar cells start working.

If you want to know more about how a solar system works, visit the page where we tell you all the details.

Benefits and advantages of installing solar panels at home

There are many advantages to starting to use solar energy in your home. We tell you all here:

    • 100% savings on your electricity bill.

      Bi-monthly savings in electricity costs allow the initial investment to be recovered very quickly. And, from there, everything is to enjoy solar energy without worries.

    • Take advantage of our sun.

      Throughout the year, the days have an average of 10H of sunlight in Mexico City (CDMX). The light shines in Mexico, what better way to take advantage of it than supplying your home with solar energy?

    • Consumption of the cleanest energy on the planet.

      Solar energy is not only green and sustainable energy, it is the cleanest energy that exists on Earth. Therefore, the solar panels in your home are helping to create a cleaner world.

    • Added value to your property.

      Not only do you save but you are adding value to your home by installing a new solar system. They are all benefits for you and your home!

    • Feeling of pride and social action.

      Feeling good about yourself is the best feeling we can have. And knowing that we are doing our best to build a better world, helping the environment and collaborating with us to provide electricity to remote communities in Mexico, makes us feel very good!

    • Spreading a positive message.

      You will be the example to follow in your community and for your neighbors. You will have in your hand the possibility to lead by example and influence more people to switch to the cleanest energy in the world: solar energy.

instalacion de paneles solares para casas en mexico

Projects of solar installations in residences

If you want to consult the projects we have carried out in other homes, visit our residential projects page.

More information on solar energy for homes:

We tell you all about the prices of solar installations on our Quote page.

Check it here.

A home that pays around $2,000 bimonthly on its electricity bill usually needs an installation of 4 solar panels to compensate 100% of the electricity bill.

However, we always recommend consulting with the installation company so that they carry out a complete study of the land and offer a detailed quote, based on the characteristics and needs of the home.

No. The important thing is to know the energy consumption of the house and the power. It is also important to know the space available on the roof to be able to install the solar panels, since this will define the number of cells that can be installed. The square meters of the house are not important to make the quote.

Each project is different and has its own times. The work process that we follow at Solar180 is fast and efficient:

  • Free consultation
  • Preliminary proposal
  • Site survey
  • Personalized design
  • Final proposal
  • Installation
  • Management with CFE
  • Turning on your system

On average, the installation phase is 1 day, although there may be variations depending on different external factors.


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